What are push-up jeans?

Push up jeans are THE jeans that appeal to all women! Why ? It is the one that allows you to have a dreamy buttocks effortlessly. Zoom on these jeans which we cannot leave once adopted.

The characteristics of push up jeans

The women's push-up jeans are made of high-quality denim, usually mixed with elastane, to create this famous stretch material that perfectly matches the curve of your buttocks. Its pockets are ideally placed and its seams studied to enhance your posterior to perfection. The creators are also working on the wash of the women's push up jeans to create optical effects and thus sublimate the silhouette in every detail.

What are the advantages of push up jeans?

Women complexed by overly flat buttocks are the first to be satisfied with push-up jeans. To highlight your assets and enhance your buttocks, push-up jeans are ideal thanks to their stretch fabric specifically designed to smooth out imperfections. It is also very comfortable to wear everyday. With this type of pants, you will not go unnoticed: if you do not want to highlight your buttocks, do not opt for this type of jeans.

The different models of push up jeans

You now understand the crazy success of the push up jeans which gives you the coveted buttocks of Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé in an instant. This is why the creators have imagined multiple models and colors, to be ultra-feminine, summer and winter, whether in day or in evening.

You can create all styles with versions of worn, perforated push-up jeans, with marked or unbleached washes, embroideries, sequins ... there is something for everyone to be glamorous in all circumstances.

What looks with push up jeans?

No matter what outfit you choose, the push up jeans ensure you have an ultra sexy, feminine and stylish look.

UA glam chic look with push up jeans

To go out, the push up jeans guarantee you to be at your best! Wear regular high-waisted black push-up jeans, a satin shirt, heeled shoes, a fitted jacket and a clutch. Do not forget the belt to mark your waist and enhance your buttocks even more!

A sporty chic look with push up jeans

For a trendy everyday style, wear a trendy hoodie in pastel or flashy tones, faded gray skinny push-up jeans, a long trench coat and platform or high sneakers.

A feminine rock look with push up jeans

For an assertive rock look, dare the ripped push up slim skinny jeans, boots, a red and black check shirt and a leather biker jacket. For the bag, choose it with shoulder strap and fringes. And to bring a feminine and chic touch, think of accessories! Some golden jewelry and a black felt hat ensure a perfect feminine rock look.

The push up jeans according to your morphology

There are many push up jeans cuts to make all women wonderful.

The push up jeans for the X silhouette

Are you slim? The skinny push up jeans and the slim push up jeans are made for you. They will lengthen your shape and raise your buttocks. Choose high-waisted slim or skinny push-up jeans if you have a thin waist or an hourglass shape.

The push up jeans for the 8 shape

Women with an 8 shape, means when shoulders and hips are aligned with luscious shapes, will prefer regular push up jeans, with a preference for the high waist version.

Note that regular jeans are suitable for all body types, so if you want a plump buttocks without making mistakes, opt for regular push up jeans without hesitation!

Do you fully assume your shape? You can then also opt for the slim or skinny push up, also in a high waist version to mark your waist.

The push up jeans for the V-shaped silhouette

Do you have shoulders wider than your hips? The slim push-up jeans and the regular push-up jeans are perfectly suited to your V-shaped body and will rebalance your body for a feminine look.

The push-up jeans for the H-shaped silhouette

Is your body shape fairly straight, with the waist not very marked, the shoulders and the hips aligned? The boyfriend, skinny, slim and regular jeans in a push up version are made for you.

The push up jeans for the A silhouette

Are you part of the majority of women with an A silhouette, that is to say a hips wider than the shoulders? Elevate your bottom with slim pulp jeans or regular pulp jeans.

The push up jeans for the O-shape

Are you already very luscious and are you proud of your shape? You can opt for regular push up jeans.

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