Which jeans for a man with strong thighs?

Jeans are the timeless piece that every man has in his wardrobe. Denim pants come in a variety of styles to suit every figure: slim, round, tall or short. But how to choose your jeans when you are a man with strong thighs? We tell you everything!


A jean with solid and stretchy materials


The material of the jeans is very important, especially if you have strong legs. Prefer soft, stretchy materials where you will be perfectly comfortable. Stretch materials are indeed recommended to fit your shapes without compressing them. Also pay attention before buying to the quality of the fabric and seams of your jeans, to avoid that they tear too quickly.


Darker colors to slim down


Pay particular attention to the color of your pants. The idea is to avoid weighing down your figure and to emphasize your athletic thighs. Not surprisingly, dark colored jeans are recommended: black, charcoal gray, raw... Moreover, these are very fashionable colors. To refine the thighs, you can also choose a washed jean that plays on the contrasts, but be careful with the quality and the pronunciation of the wash.


We avoid jeans with light colors and patterns that tend to thicken the thighs.


A jean with well-chosen details


To choose the right jeans, every detail is important! Pay attention to the pockets when you have strong thighs. Choose jeans with large pockets if you have a rather round figure to refine your look. Indeed, the small pockets tend to bulge the buttocks and thus to weigh down the look if you have forms. So try to find the right balance with pockets that are neither too big nor too small to choose your jeans.


A jean with a cut adapted to muscular thighs


Don't worry, there are many different cuts of jeans for you! However, avoid military style jeans with gusseted pockets that add volume to the legs and prefer flat pockets. Also, avoid coated jeans, which tend to have a bulky effect.


Regular or straight jeans


This classic and timeless cut suits all body types, and men with strong thighs are no exception! Its straight cut has the advantage of emphasizing the shapes without molding them.


Tapered jeans


This is the perfect cut for your figure. In addition to being modern and trendy, it allows you to be perfectly comfortable in all circumstances. The tapered jean cut highlights the shape of the thighs, then tightens from the knee to the bottom of the legs. This jean is a great way to highlight your shape and all your efforts as a great athlete!


Le Temps des Cerises jeans cuts


For men with strong thighs, there's no need to look, trust the various cuts of Le Temps des Cerises jeans: the Adjusted 600/17 jeans and their stretch fabric, tightened at the bottom of the leg and untucked at the thighs is the one for you. It is the tapered jeans revisited by the brand for even more style and comfort.


The Blue Jogg Le Temps des Cerises jeans and its innovative fabric between jeans and jogging is also perfect to be perfectly comfortable.


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